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December 16th, 2013

Sophos SafeGuard EncryptionThe company I work for needed to mass deploy an uninstallation removal of Sophos SafeGuard 5.6.1 Full Disk Encryption using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) prior to an Operating System refresh. To create my “uninstall script” I added the lines below into a batch file.

Note: Our target computers were Windows XP SP3 and this has not been tested with Sophos Enterprise Encryption!

1. Make sure your target computer is up to date and talking to the Sophos console.

2. In the Sophos console confirm that your target computer is in a Sophos Group that has the “tamper protection” policy disabled.

3. Create your batch file with the following lines:

@echo off

Title Uninstalling Sophos Safeguard Encryption 5.6.1 please wait…

::Uninstalling Sophos Safeguard Encryption Pre-installer

Start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{CDBAAE82-1725-4BDF-9770-69EA174318F1} /qb /norestart

::Decrypts HDD, this can take an hour or longer

Start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{F568E199-E84C-4FDF-91EB-5A271346A963} /qb /norestart

::Cleaning up Registry keys…

Reg Delete HKCU\Software\Utimaco /f

Reg Delete HKLM\Software\Utimaco /f


4. The script removes the Sophos Encryption pre-installer first then decrypts the data on the HDD and finally cleans up the registry if you ever want to re-install the encryption from the Sophos console again.


September 21st, 2011

Using Google’s public DNS (Dynamic Name System) servers rather than using your ISP’s DNS servers may help speed up your web browsing if you manually add the below DNS server addresses into your routers configuration page:


IPv4 addresses:               IPv6 addresses:                           2001:4860:4860:8888                           2001:4860:4860:8844