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July 22nd, 2011

This method allows you to create a bootable OS X Lion installation DVD so you can run a clean install of OS X Lion on any compatible Mac without the need to have OS X Snow Leopard installed on your system first.

These instructions were completed using Mac OS X Snow Leopard, an iTunes account, a DVD writer / Super drive and x1 Blank DVD Media.

1.  Purchase Mac OS X Lion from Apple’s “App Store” using your iTunes account.

2.  Wait for the 3.5Gb aprox. download to complete in the dock.

3.  Minimise the Mac OS X Lion installation welcome screen, by tapping on the “minimise” button.

4.  Double tap to right click on the “OS X Lion icon” down in the dock to bring up a context menu.

5.  Navigate to “Options” and single tap on “Show in Finder”.

6.  Finder should now open with the “Install Mac OS X Lion” icon highlighted.

7.  Double tap to right click on the “Install Mac OS X Lion” icon and navigate the context menu to “Show Package Contents” and single tap it.

8.  Single tap on the “Contents” folder to expand the folder structure and navigate to the “SharedSupport” folder.

9.  Single tap on the “SharedSupport” folder to expand it and copy the file “InstallESD.dmg” to the desktop by holding down the Apple Options key and dragging it to your desktop.

10. In the finder window navigate to the “Utilities” folder and single tap it to expand the folder.

11. Navigate to “Disk Utility” in the “Utilities” folder and double tap it to load the Disk Utility program.

12. Single Tap on the 3rd icon along the top “Burn”.

13. You should now be presented with a “Select Image to Burn” window. On the left of this under “Places” tap on “Desktop”.

14. Now locate and single tap to highlight your Lion image file “InstallESD.dmg” that you copied to your Desktop earlier and then single tap on “Burn” again.

15. Insert your Blank DVD when requested and then single tap on “Burn” again.

16. After a few minutes your DVD will start burning, when completed you’ll have a brand new Mac OS X Lion DVD to restore / upgrade your Mac. – Time to enjoy Apple’s latest OS creation to date.

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