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April 6th, 2011

There are two options when hardware resetting a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo they are:

1. Reinstall the ReadyNAS Duo firmware.

2. Reset the ReadyNAS Duo back to the factory default settings.

Typically, you should not need to resort to options (1) and (2) unless you exhausted all other means of recovering your system. You might want to reinstall the ReadyNAS Duo firmware as a first step, if the ReadyNAS Duo had been working normally but a configuration change makes it inaccessible. If this does not work or you wish to set the ReadyNAS Duo backto a factory default state, you can do so following these instructions below:

1. To re-install the ReadyNAS Duo firmware: Use a paper clip to depress the switch while the system is off. Continue to depress the reset switch while powering on the system for approximately5 seconds until the disk LEDs flash once to signify that the command has been accepted. The firmware installation takes several minutes to complete. The Status LED in the front will be solid green when the process is complete. The installation does not affect the data on the ReadyNAS Duo.

Warning! Make sure that you do not continue to press the reset switch after the LEDS flash once, otherwise a Factory Default will occur that erases your data. (see below)

2. To set the ReadyNAS Duo device to Factory Default: Use the same process, except you must hold the System Reset switch for 30 seconds after powering on the system. You will see the disk LEDs flash for a second time to signify that the command has been accepted.

Warning! This process reinstalls the firmware and resets all disk configurations, wiping out all data you might have on the NAS.

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