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April 20th, 2011

Windows 7 has 14 different schemes for each event sound installed by default, these can be used to customise your Windows 7 experience.

Windows 7’s default sound files can be found here: C:\Windows\Media

You can change your sounds by completing the following steps:

1. Right click a blank area on your desktop to bring up the context menu.

2. Left click on “Personalize”.

3. Left click the “Sounds” icon at the bottom of the page.

4. Navigate to the top dropdown box and select a different sound scheme.

5. Choose an event from the “Program Events” list menu and click on “Test” to play the sound for that particular event. If required repeat this process to hear what the other event sounds are like or change the sound scheme and repeat this process to find your preference.

Note: You can turn Windows sounds off completely by selecting the “No Sounds” scheme.

If you want to use your own sound file (it must be in .WAV format) click on the “Browse” button and browse to the location of your sound file (this will apply to the event selected in the second dropdown box).

Once your happy with your selection click “Apply” to accept the new sound scheme and ok to close the sound window.

If you have modified a default scheme with your own sound files you will be required to name and save your scheme before closing the sound window.

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